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  • Scope
    NKM is the first company in mainland China to introduce the CALM SPM system. Maoming 300,000-DWT (Dead Weight Tonnage) single point mooring offshore crude oil terminal located in Bohe New Port District, Maoming City, Guangdong Province, was completed and put into use at the end of 1994. This single point can berth large oil tankers with DWT of 100,000-320,000 DWT, providing crude oil unloading and pipeline transportation services. NKM owns an experienced single point operation, maintenance and management team, which can provide customers with excellent consulting and human resource training services related to single point mooring technology.
  • Crude oil discharge
    Since its commissioning on November 11, 1994, Maoming SPM site has secured more than 1200 large oil tankers’ berth by December 2020 and has received and discharged nearly 100 types of crude oil from more than 30 countries, with a total of 240 million tons of imported crude oil. The designed annual transfer capacity of a single point is 20 million tons, and 79 oil tankers were unloaded in 2019, setting a record for the annual total number of ships unloaded at Maoming SPM site.
    Relying on the tanks of Sinopec Maoming Branch and Sinopec Maoming Branch of crude oil commercial storage, Maoming SPM system provides customers with high-quality crude oil transportation services.
    Crude oil discharge
  • SPM technical service
    Maoming CALM professional team has over 26 years of experience in single point operation maintenance and management and is an excellent CALM single point management team in Chinese mainland. We can provide customers with a series of technical consulting services such as the feasibility study of single point construction project, single point project management, etc.
    SPM technical service
  • SPM operations and maintenance training
    From scratch, through more than 20 years of testing, Maoming SPM operation and maintenance is improving day by day. On the basis of the general specifications of OCIMF, we improved and optimized the operation methods suitable for the operation points in accordance with the local conditions, and continuously improved the operation efficiency. At the same time, we own comprehensive service experience and go through data of SPM spare parts for many years to provide technical support for scientific and rational purpose, and with lower costs. The company has set up a team of backbones to compile the technical monograph and related training materials of CALM single point operation and maintenance together, which filled the gap in this field domestically. Furthermore, the single point operation, maintenance and management personnel training services are available as well.
    SPM operations and maintenance training
  • SPM ship or tugboat management and operation training
    SPM ship management is different from the traditional jetty ship or tugboat management. On the premise of the traditional ship management requirements and general specifications, special expansion and upgrading are needed based on the operation characteristics of single point mooring. We are willing to provide consulting and training services related to single point operation management.
    SPM ship or tugboat management and operation training
  • Our target is to build the first-class SPM technical service company in China. We appreciate to contribute regarding China's SPM technology transfer.