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The first internal inspection of Maoming SPM submarine pipeline
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  On March 13, 2015, the company carried out an internal inspection for single point submarine pipeline for the first time, to master the internal corrosion of submarine pipeline, so as to find the problems in time and ensure the safe operation of the submarine pipeline.
  The submarine pipeline of the Maoming SPM is different from the common onshore oil and gas pipeline, and there is no receiver and launcher left at both ends, which leads to new requirements for the receiver and transmitter of the detector. Through the professional investigation of domestic and foreign inspection companies, it was found that the tethering ultrasonic detector could indeed provide independent power, which is very suitable for the internal inspection of Maoming SPM submarine pipelines.
  We completed the internal inspection safely, accurately and efficiently, which not only provides a scientific proof for the future operation safety, but also give insights to effective inspection means and valuable experiences for similar cases.