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Maoming SPM anchor chain inspection and float hose replacement
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From April 10th to 21st, 2020, NKM completed the single point floating hose replacement and anchor chain inspection project safely and efficiently as planned.

This SPM anchor chain inspection and floating hose replacement project have been arranged in the window period base on the annual overhaul plan and the weather of Maoming sea area, and it took about 10 days to carry out the maintenance.

The weather situations in the SPM sea area varied greatly in April. When the maintenance team arrived on-site on April 10, they encountered the cold air, and the construction ship had to take shelter in Bohe Port, causing the schedule to be postponed by 2 days. In order to catch up the schedule, the relevant technical backbones on-site optimized the scheme, changing the original construction plan of testing anchor chain first and then replacing the hose, to inspect the anchor chain and replace the hose simultaneously.

After the implementation of double-line synchronous progresses, the construction was effectively accelerated, and the hose replacement and anchor chain inspection were successfully completed within the planned construction period, creating conditions for the timely resumption of single point production.