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Maoming SPM system successfully completed the submarine hoses replacement project
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From May 24th to June 2nd, 2021, NKM completed the SPMs submarine hoses replacement project safely and efficiently as planned.

According to the company's annual overhaul plan, and in order to cooperate with the overhaul of MPCC, the SPM submarine hoses replacement project was arranged during the non-tanker arrival window period, lasting about 15 days.

Due to the large crude oil processing volume of MPCC in May and short crude oil inventory .As to ensuring production and enterprise efficiency, meet the crude oil demand, the SPM was arranged to mooring and unload a VLCC on June 3rd temporarily ,which was greatly ahead of schedule.The original date of resume production is June 10th. 

Faced with such an arduous and urgent task, the on-site construction team pored their thoughts and efforts, optimized the project schedule and working procedure, and overcame the bad weather and ROUGH sea condition . With the joint efforts of all parties, the replacement of two string submarine hoses were efficiently completed on June 2nd. The pressure test of SPM system was qualified, and resumed the mooring operation, which is 8 days ahead of the original plan.