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Hi friends, and welcome to my world! I’m Jessie and I’m SO glad you’re here!

Launched in 2017, I created this site as a friendly space for anyone who is wandering along in life, wondering if they’re doing it right. I wanted to share my stories, anecdotes and tips with others, in the hope that I may be able to make some tiny, positive difference to somebody else’s world. When I became a mother in 2018, I realised that parents don’t actually know everything and we are all really just plodding along, trying to raise decent human beings who won’t grow up to become serial killers.

I’m a teacher from Sydney, Australia. Wife to Anthony, mother to Chloe. We live in a house with the world’s most stubborn English Bull Terrier, Rylee (our hairy daughter). I’m not a very politically correct person, but nothing is ever said with malice intended. I love people, animals, laughing, food and writing.

I’d love to learn more about you, so feel free to drop me a line and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog!


Jessie x