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The Best Years Of Our Lives

Updated: Jun 23, 2019


I’m not sure why older people tell teenagers that their high school years are the best years of their lives. How depressing. This is what sticks in my mind from those years: Hormones. HSC. Dealing With The First Break-up. Oily Skin. Assignments. Confusion. Many Rules. No Freedom. Fights With Parents.

Of course, there were some amazing times then too. But I feel like the amazing times I experience now, as an adult are way, way better.

When I used to complain about school, adults would always tell me “These are the best years of your life! When you leave, you will realise how good you have it now!” I’m calling bullshit on that. Adulthood has been the best time of my life! I’d rather live under my own roof, be paid for going to work, choose what and when to eat and just generally make my own rules than be stuck at school doing what other people tell me to.

Here are some photos of the things in my life that make me super cheerful to be an adult:

Having an adorable husband and puppy to cuddle.

Eating good food and drinking wine on a regular basis.

Doing cool adventures like hot air ballooning.

On another note, I made a delicious pasta dish this week. My first attempt at a burnt butter and sage sauce. Felt like I should be on Masterchef. Although anything with that much butter in it is bound to be awesome. Recipe adapted from here if you feel like trying it: https://www.donnahay.com.au/recipes/pasta-with-pumpkin-and-sage-brown-butter

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