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Summer Cocktails with 5 Seeds Lower Sugar Cider

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Last weekend was hot. It was so hot that my regular summery (read: sugary) cocktails weren't quite cutting it. I had some 5 seeds lower sugar cider in the fridge so I got creative - see photo at the end of the post for photographic evidence. The one on the left is a blended mango, mint and cider mix and the one on the right is white peach, mint and 5 seeds cider. 🍹🍑🍻

Check out more delicious and low-sugar cider recipes at https://www.5seeds.com.au/cider-range/lower-sugar-cider/

The cider itself is delicious and for someone like myself who already eats their body weight in sugar on a weekly basis, having a lower sugar option is awesome. Luckily, you can't tell by taste that the cider has less sugar in it. Give it a try.

What are your favourite summer drinks? Got any creative cocktail recipes? Let me know!

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