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3 minutes with Sean Szeps

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

Meet this week's delightful dad, Sean Szeps! I discovered Sean a few months ago when I became addicted to the hilarious Mamamia Podcast, The Baby Bubble (check it out here: https://www.mamamia.com.au/podcasts/the-baby-bubble/). I love Sean's honesty and am in absolute awe of his ability to keep his shit together whilst raising twins! Read on to find out a little more about Sean, his family and his thoughts on parenting.

1. Who are you?

My name is Sean Szeps! I’m originally from America, but moved to Sydney almost two years ago with my husband and our twins. I’m an writer, a podcaster, and a social media strategist. I also have my own blog, Bringing Up Gaybies.

Stella & Cooper

2. Tell me a little about your kids.

I have twenty-month-old boy/girls twins named Stella and Cooper. Stella is strong and brave. She loves tomatoes and slippery dips. Cooper is observant and clever. He loves dance parties and reading.

3. Describe your parenting style in 3 words:

Conscious, consistent and crafty.

4. Best thing about being a parent?

Passing down traditions and rituals that my parents passed down to me.

5. What did you learn from your parents about raising a family?

That your relationship needs to be strong to raise happy, healthy kids. If you focus on being a solid couple, reminding yourself frequently why you had kids in the first place, your kids will benefit exponentially.

6. Knowing what you know now, would you change how you’ve handled any past situations as a parent?

I would have asked for help. I had this stubborn “I can do this on my own” point-of-view, which resulted in isolation and unnecessary stress. I now realise how many people were willing to help, and I wish I had leaned into my community more.

7. What is the one piece of advice you’d like to pass on to new parents?

Put down the book. Sometimes we get lost in “doing it the right way”. The fact is, if there was a “right way”, we would all know it by now. Each kid and parent and network is totally different, so trust your gut and be willing to change your path when necessary.

Check out Sean's blog https://bringingupgaybies.com/

Follow Sean on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/seanszeps/

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