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5 Things that helped relieve my baby's eczema

Eczema is the WORST! And I’m speaking from experience here. I suffered from the dreaded itchy scales, on and off, until I was in my early twenties. When I was really little, it would itch so much that I’d scratch myself until I bled, it was horrible! So, needless to say, when my daughter Chloe was born, I hoped that she had inherited my husband’s (non-sensitive) skin. Unfortunately, when she was only a couple of months old, her skin started to flare up pretty badly with eczema and heat rashes. I took her to a doctor and was prescribed a steroid cream called DermAid, which did help, but I felt a little uncomfortable about using it too often on her precious baby skin. So I decided to start searching for natural remedies to use on her. Through a process of trial and error, here is what has worked for us:

1. Soaking her in warm oat baths once a day.

I blend a third of a cup of rolled oats in the Vitamix until they’re a fine powder, pour the blended oats into a tied-up stocking and throw it straight into the bathtub. I always keep the water at about 34 degrees Celsius, any hotter seems to make the rash worse.

2. Making sure her skin is completely dry before dressing her.

I use a fluffy soft towel to pat her dry after her bath, as I’ve noticed that if moisture gets trapped in her cute baby rolls, a rash appears there.

3. Using Ahria Organics Baby Top to Toe Washing Gel.

After trying out a variety of baby wash products, I gave Ahria Organics a go and noticed an improvement in Chloe’s eczema almost immediately. The gel smells delicious, is all natural, paraben-free and contains 80% certified organic ingredients and 20% approved for organic use.

4. Keeping her skin extremely well moisturised.

The minute I take Chloe out of the bath and dry her, I slather her with Ahria Organics Baby Top to Toe Cream. The cream is certified organic, anti-inflammatory and pH balanced. I even put it in her hair as it seems to have helped with her cradle cap as well.

5. Keeping her skin cool.

During Summer, Chloe’s heat rash and eczema was horrible - the heat seemed to exacerbate her itching. One thing that helped a lot was taking a mini portable fan everywhere we went. I bought one with soft, foam blades (so it can’t hurt her if she grabs it while spinning) that can be clipped on to her pram and it was a lifesaver - until she decided it was fun to rip the blades off!

Hopefully some of these things will help relieve your baby's eczema too. Let me know if you have any other tips and tricks that have worked for you!

Ahria Organics have been kind enough to provide me with a discount code to share with any of my readers who would like to try out their wonderful products. If you want to purchase anything, use code JESSIE20 at checkout to get 20% off.

Eczema before treatment.
Eczema before treatment.

Eczema after treatment
Eczema after treatment

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