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7 things I miss most about life before kids

A few weeks ago, Anthony and I had our first trip to the movies in twelve months! Who would have ever thought that a quiet trip to the cinema would be a thing I’d think was significant enough to blog about? Mum life. It changes you.

Anyway, it was the first time in Chloe’s life that we have left her without having some prearranged event on, like a wedding or a concert or something. It was just a normal Saturday night. I’d been hanging out to watch The Lion King. So we asked my mum to babysit and made it into our first legit date night since becoming parents. The movie was SO good, I was already crying thirty seconds in so that’s usually the marker of a decent film, by my standards. Afterwards we went out for pasta and wine and gossiped about irrelevant things that bear no weight in our lives but are fun to talk about. It was an awesome night, and even though I was missing Chloe the whole time, it felt so very exciting and carefree to be out on our own, no pram or giant nappy bag in tow.

It reminded me how different life has become in the past year and made me realise how much I used to take spontaneity and free time for granted (what did I actually fill my time with before, anyway?). Life after having a baby doesn’t leave much room for last minute plans or impromptu date nights. I wish somebody had told me what to take full advantage of before I became a mum. To save future-parents any rude shocks, here I’ve compiled a list of the things I miss most about life BC (Before Chloe).

1. Spontaneous date nights with your baby daddy to the cinema. Or anywhere.

I remember back in the day, when Anthony would ring me on his way home from work and demand I come home from Friday work drinks so we could make the 6:30pm movie session and grab dinner and ice cream afterwards. Feels like a LIFETIME ago! Unfortunately, most babies don’t appreciate dinner and a movie the way they should.

2. Sleeping until whenever you felt like getting out of bed.

These days, I have no choice in when to get up in the morning (or night). Usually, I wake up abruptly to the sound of my hangry baby demanding her milk and a nappy change, NOW! I used to take sleep ins for granted so much! The thought of a gentle drift into consciousness sounds like pure luxury to me right now.

3. Not having to sneak around your own house for fear of waking the baby.

We all know that sinking feeling that sets in when a door is slammed four seconds after you’ve finally got your little babe to sleep, after hours of pleading/ rocking/ singing/ back-patting/ pacing. Also, I never realised how very creaky our floorboards were until I started trying to sneak like a ninja out of the baby’s room every night.

4. Being able to stroll leisurely around a mall and buy fun stuff.

My wardrobe is so out of date that if people were to peruse it’s items, they might assume it belonged to a woman who went broke in the very early 2000’s. Why? Because Chloe doesn’t like window shopping and she REALLY doesn’t like watching me try clothes on. It’s been easier to just remain in active wear for the last thirteen months.

5. Getting pampered on the reg.

Whether it was getting my hair done or my nails did, getting a massage or having my make-up professionally applied before an event, that pamper life was the bomb and I miss it!

6. Having conversations without being utterly distracted or interrupted by a child.

I remember being so bothered by the half finished sentences that seemed so common when hanging out with new mums. Now I get it. Baby brain is a real thing. So is toddler brain. Sitting down and focusing completely on an adult conversation isn’t really something you can do as a mother to a young person.

7. Having a clean and tidy house.

Even before Chloe could crawl around and get into everything, our house post baby just got messier! Could be due to the toys strewn all over, or the pieces of baby food squashed into every surface but it just never quite reaches it’s BC level of cleanliness. Luckily, I was recently fortunate enough to be gifted a 3 hour Domestic Clean from the wonderful crew at Fantastic Services, who came and scrubbed every surface of the house for me, until it was sparkly clean (probably for the first time since Chloe was born). I can’t recommend these guys enough! They’ve got to be the best cleaners in Sydney. Check them out here and use my discount code JESSIELEE for $20 off any of their services, including cleaning, gardening, removals or handyman work. #gifted

Tell me, mums and dads, what are the things you miss most about life before babies?

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