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9 Must have baby products that every new mum needs

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

When I was pregnant, I spent a lot of my time scouring the web and baby stores, looking for must have baby products that I would need for my future bub (aside from the essentials like nappies, wipes etc). I ended up with heaps of expensive items that essentially became dust collectors. To save your time and money, I’ve compiled a list of the things that made my life as a new mum just that little bit easier. I have also included the Amazon affiliate links so you can check the products out - just click on the images.

1. Baby Carrier

After spending 40 weeks snuggled up in the cosy cocoon of a womb, newborn babies are used to the feeling of being warm, carried and close to their mum. A baby carrier is the perfect transition into the big, wide world! Chloe would stop crying the minute she was in the carrier and it allowed me to get on with life, with free hands. My favourite one was the BabyBjorn. It is sturdy, lightweight and comfy for baby. I wore mine everywhere!

2. Bonds Wondersuits

These are the best! They are the most functional baby clothing item ever! The two-way zip is perfect for changing nappies without having to remove the whole suit so baby doesn’t freeze. The way you can fold over the hand and feet sections to make mittens and socks is awesome for protecting newborns from scratching themselves with those sharp little nails. Plus, they look adorable and have a huge range of colours and patterns.

3. Bassinet with wheels

Newborns sleep, A LOT! As a new mum, I was too paranoid to leave Chloe sleeping out of my sight, so having a bassinet with wheels was the best thing. I’d wheel her around the house with me while she napped during the day. I’d push the bassinet up next to my bed when we slept at night. Perfect!

4. Large swaddle with some stretch in the fabric

I found that Chloe HATED wearing those swaddle suits where her arms were zipped inside the fabric. She would thrash around, screaming until I pulled her arms out for her. But she was perfectly happy for me to wrap her up in a regular baby blanket type swaddle. I found that the perfect size was 1.2 x 1.2 - any smaller and I wasn’t able to swaddle her properly. Having a slight bit of stretch was also amazing as I could pull and tuck in the edges so she was nicely cocooned. As she got older, I’d swaddle with her arms out which she loved.

5. Swinging chair or bouncer

THIS SAVED MY LIFE! When you need to shower, use the toilet, cook dinner, or anything where wearing or holding bub is just not practical, having a soft, pillowy swinging chair to put them in is very much needed. Chloe hated lying down as she had reflux, so a chair was the perfect solution as it allowed her to be angled more upright and she could watch me. I’d just drag it around the house to wherever I needed it. It’s also great if you can get one that plays music and has some kind of toy/ entertainment hanging above the baby's head. This keeps them distracted when you can’t.

6. Waterproof Playmat

If you have a dog like I do, or you can’t find the time to vacuum and mop the floor everyday, having a playmat that can be easily moved around the house and wiped down is a must! I used a brightly patterned one with a bit of cushioning so Chloe could lie comfortably, studying the patterns whilst she had her daily tummy time sessions.

7. Breastfeeding pillow

The main thing I remember doing in Chloe’s first couple of months of life was sitting and breastfeeding. FOR HOURS! I’m pretty sure 80% of my day was spent with a baby attached to my boob. This absolutely killed my wrists as they were constantly holding her in awkward positions while she fed. Using a breastfeeding pillow gave me some relief and allowed me to have a free hand so I could eat/ drink/ scroll Instagram during the many hours we spent on the couch together.

8. Couch carrier/ caddy

Is that what they’re called? What I mean is one of those things you hang over the arm of the couch that creates a table top for drinks to sit on and has pockets where you can keep your remote/ tissues/ snacks etc. Seeing as we rarely left the couch for the first few weeks, this was very much needed.

9. A really good eye cream

You know how after you have a baby, everyone is meant to compliment you on how wonderful and surprisingly well-rested you look? A good eye cream will help them not have to lie!

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