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Family trip to sunny Queensland

Updated: May 15, 2019

Surfers Paradise

Late last week my husband and I attempted to fly up to Queensland to celebrate my cousin’s wedding in Brisbane. I say ‘attempted’ because it took more than one go before we managed to touch down in the sunshine state. The first attempt happened like this: Arrived at Sydney airport with a sensible amount of time to spare before plane scheduled to depart. Got tested for explosives. Ate the maximum amount of delicious airport food as one can while still calling said meal a “pre-dinner snack”. Rode those fun airport travelator things whilst pretending to be a Ninja Turtle. Stopped at newsagency to buy more snacks for the plane. Lugged carry-on bags (which were definitely over the 7kg threshold) to correct gate prior to boarding. Informed by plane company that flight was delayed due to bad weather in Brissy. Finally got onto plane to find an Asian couple in our seats. Swapped seats with Asian couple. Flew the hour and 15 minutes to Brisbane. Weren’t granted clearance to land. Informed by pilot that we’d have to fly back to Sydney.

Ahhhh. It was the epitome of annoyance having to go back home for the night to wait for our rescheduled flight at 8am the next morning. But it was also kinda hilarious when the next morning at 5am, our friend who was house-sitting/ Rylee-sitting, burst into our bedroom after seeing a toiletries bag in the bathroom that wasn’t hers. She was convinced that while she was sleeping, a homeless person had broken into our house and was now living in our bedroom.

Anyway, we made it to Queensland, in the nick of time, literally getting changed into our wedding gear in the hall outside of our hotel room (don’t worry, I checked that there weren’t any peepholes in the doors), arriving at the ceremony 5 minutes after it was meant to start. Luckily the bride was 10 minutes late. It was such a beautiful ceremony, in the Botanic Gardens at Mount Coot-tha, with heartfelt vows written by the bride and groom. It was all very emotional. Though I have to say, the best part of the ceremony was when a random lizard decided to scuttle in and make itself comfortable between the bride and groom as they were saying their “I do’s”.

Anthony looking suave.

Spot the lizard.

The cousins and I.

The next day, Anthony and I headed south to the Gold Coast for a couple of days of R & R. There we proceeded to eat our weight in holiday food, drink overpriced cocktails and lounge by the pool, despite the cyclonic winds that were blowing. We also managed to spend a day at Movie World terrifying ourselves on giant roller coasters. It was only towards the end of that day that I heard that one of the roller coasters had stopped midway the day before. Suffice to say, I legged it out of there pretty quickly after hearing that.

One of our many holiday meals.

At Movie World on the Green Lantern rollercoaster.

At Burleigh Heads Beach.

Another thing happened while we were in Surfer’s Paradise: we realised we are officially OLD. It happened to be uni games while we were there, meaning that the nights brought hoards of drunk university students stumbling the streets in search of the debauchery that the area can provide. That would have totally been me had it been eight years earlier, but now that I’m 30, drunk uni students freak me out. Also, I felt like running up to the girls in mini skirts and offering them a towel to cover up their legs. Then I would have given them a lecture about the types of boys they’d attract while dressed like that.

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