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How I finally got pregnant

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

A positive pregnancy test

Well, it finally happened. The day I’d been hoping for and dreaming of for months came… I’m pregnant! It happened at the end of the school term last year. I was feeling particularly crazy and emotional during my last week of school, crying at random songs, freaking out about tiny, insignificant things... but I’d just chalked it up to the stress of finishing up for the year, moving classrooms and saying goodbye to my gorgeous class. It wasn’t until the last Friday of term when I started to think something was up. The P&C had very kindly donated many bottles of champagne to the staff and left them in the fridge for us to have after school. Free champagne, woohoo! So you can imagine my surprise when I didn’t even slightly feel like having any. That is very unlike me! I sipped an obligatory glass and went home early because I was absolutely EXHAUSTED.

The next morning I woke up feeling weird. Usually I’m a breakfast person. I was on a streak of having toast with butter and peanut butter, with a cappuccino for breakfast. Every morning, the minute I woke up, I’d bolt to the kitchen to consume this delightful flavour sensation whilst scrolling my insta feed. Not that day. I had absolutely no appetite and the thought of coffee made me feel ill. I continued about my day with a tiny flicker of hope at the back of my mind that maybe I was pregnant. I thought about taking a test but then assumed it would be too early to tell. I didn’t even mention anything to my husband because I didn’t want to get his hopes up.

That night I had dinner and drinks with some girlfriends. Again I didn’t feel like drinking so I offered to be Designated Dave for the night. At 10pm I was practically falling asleep at the table I was so tired. It was insane considering I’d done very little that day. When I finally got into bed, I’d never been happier.

I woke up on Sunday morning with the immediate thought that I needed to do a pregnancy test. Anthony was still sleeping so I tiptoed to the bathroom and peed on a stick. After a couple of minutes I saw the faintest of lines appear. I knew from stalking pregnancy forums that even a faint positive was still a definite positive. I was in total shock. Even though I’d wanted it to happen, I just hadn’t expected it to then… I’d assumed I was too stressed to conceive and was hoping that the school holidays would bring a pregnancy. I didn’t want to wake Anthony so I went and sat restlessly on the lounge waiting for him to get up. At 9am I couldn’t wait anymore and went to wake him with the good news. I told him everything and showed him the test and he was telling me not to get too excited because the line was so faint. He didn’t want us to get our hopes up too soon. So I made a doctor’s appointment for the next day to confirm it with a blood test.

We were basically floating for the next couple of days. Anthony had a few days off work so once we got our definite yes from the doc, we spent our time celebrating! We went to lunch, swam in our pool and just kept saying to each other, “Hey. We’re pregnant! Can you believe it?!” Those have to be some of the best days we’ve ever shared.

Even though I was still super early on in the pregnancy, I badly wanted to tell my parents and my in-laws. I figured that even if something did happen, I’d want them to be there to support us through it. And I’m so glad we did tell them because it was one of the most exciting things I’d ever done! We surprised them by buying a little candle lantern thing with the inscription “World’s Best Grandparents”, and for my mum we bought one that said “The best mums make the best grandmas.” Their reactions were the best! Lots of happy tears and big hugs. For my mum and her partner, it will be their first grandchild, so I’m excited to think about how much love this kid will be surrounded by. <3


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