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Meet Australian Mummy Blogger, Steph Pase

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

This week I was lucky enough to spend a couple of minutes picking the brains of the beauty behind Just Another Mummy Blog, Steph Pase. Steph is an inspiration in more ways than one - she is a mother, a blogger and a make up artist, who manages to maintain her fitness levels AND keep her drawers and pantry looking like this:

Amazing, right? #drawerporn

Steph keeps it real on her blog and her Instagram page, including candidly detailing her struggles with anxiety and postnatal depression. We caught up with her to find out a little more about her world and her thoughts on parenting.

1. Who are you? I'm Steph Pase, mother of two little girls; Harper and Willow. I am the mama behind "Just Another Mummy Blog".

2. Tell me a little about your kids: Harper is 3 years old going on 13 haha! She is very caring, loving with a lot of sass. Willow is 1 and is just my little tomboy, always smiling and getting into everything!

3. Describe your parenting style in a word: Oh that's a hard one! I think relaxed (to an extent and with boundaries of course). We do have rules in place that I try to stick to with the kids. I used to be strict with routine when they were younger but now as they have gotten older I've become a bit more flexible depending on the context. 

4. Best thing about being a parent? That you get to create tiny humans with the one that you love. Being a parent is like nothing else. It has taught me so much and made me realise that sometimes it's okay to not be in control of everything. Haha. 

5. What did you learn from your parents about raising a family? When it comes to learning and school that letting your child know that as long as they have tried their best that that is enough! I want my kids to feel like they can tell me anything.  

6. Knowing what you know now, would you change how you’ve handled any past situations as a parent? To be honest no, but i would tell myself to RELAXXX a lot more. 

7. What is the one piece of advice you’d like to pass on to new parents? You've got this! As much as being parent feels like you have a new challenge every month, you are capable!

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