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A new submarine pipeline has been built and put into use in Maoming SPM
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On May 19, 2017, a new submarine pipeline was launched in Maoming.

The New Maoming single point submarine pipeline project is to build a larger diameter submarine pipeline parallel to the northeast side of the original one, so as to eliminate the safety hazards of the old one. After the new pipeline was put into service, it has become the largest submarine pipeline in Asia, and the single point unloading speed has almost been doubled.

On May 19, the installation of the single point system was restored and successfully passed the pressure acceptance check. The whole project took 59 days to complete, from the single point shutdown to the recovery. Affected by the bad sea conditions and construction during the operation, the progress of the overhaul project was once blocked. With the joint efforts and hard work of all departments involved in the construction, many difficulties were finally overcome and the project was successfully completed, which effectively eliminated the potential safety hazards of the original submarine pipeline and greatly improved the efficiency of single point crude oil transfer.